Faroer Island , IOTA EU-018, IP62LC

first DX-Pedition is to Faroer Island IOTA EU-018, Locator IP62LC from 23-05-2011 till 02-06-2011. We are QRV on all HF bands in CW and RTTY, most activity on WARC bands… we are also QRV on 6m with a long Yagi ( 10m boom ) and we will try for the first time 4m with ME4-T transverter en 5 elem. Yagi. Wim PA2AM is also qrv via satelliet AO51

members are Hans OY/PA0VHA, Steef OY/PA2A and Wim OY/PA2AM, qsl via home call, photos via link on right side

Market Reef, IOTA EU-053

On 27-08-2011 till 02-09-2011 our second DX-Pedition is to Market Reef OJ0, a very small Island hi…. only a lighthouse and nothing else. more info in future. Members are Hans PA0VHA, Steef PA2A, Jack PA3BAG, Will PA3ALK and Wim PA2AM

photo’s via link on right side

Market Reef is a small Island on the border of Sweden and Finland and it is located at 60º18’10″N and 19º08’3″E.

Market Reef is about 300 meters long and 80 meters wide but the highest point is only some 3 meters above sea level.

The waters around Market Reef are deep and many ships, being victims of the rough storms, rest at the bottom of the sea around Market Reef.

Market Reef’s DXCC status is very special due to the division of the island into two countries. The western part of the island belongs to Sweden and therefore counts only as EU-053 but not as 213 division whereas the eastern part belongs to Finland which is seperated from Market Reef by another DXCC (212 – Aland Islands) and therefore our beloved Market Reef is valid for an extra DXCC entity.